Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Something out of Nothing….

How on earth have l managed to accumulate so many sausages. For those with one track minds, l mean the one’s you put on the Barbie.

I decided to tackle my freezer the other day, which in hindsight was a mistake to start with.  I think, l have things in my freezer that you can no longer even get in the shops.

Why do we put things in there, with the assumption that we won’t waste another ounce of food? We proudly put the remnants of last night’s dinner in a container and squash it in with the other foodstuffs that will never again see the dining room table. Not that we use the table, because its covered with other stuff and quite frankly l am not prepared to try and find a spot.

Back to the sausages. They are not packs of sausages that I can dream up a wondrous meal with, but are the stragglers that didn’t quite meet the requirements at the time. They were on every shelf!

Maybe l only started with two and they have been secretly multiplying.

There are different breeds… from exotic to the everyday Joe. Some hid behind a frozen unidentifiable object and some had snuck in with a burger.  The more l looked the more there were. On the last count, l had removed seven individuals with severe frostbite that there was just no hope of revival.  Another five, l could probably put together and people could guess what they have, and as for the other 20 odd sausages, my family is going to have fun deciding how they want them cooked, because very soon it’s going to be sausage week.

 The dining room table will probably stay in the same state because that only gets tidied when we invite people around……anyone for sausages!  

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