Thursday, 6 September 2012

Oh Boy indeed....
Only a mad person will surf the net late into the evening and then decide that they just have to start a blog.
Maybe it started with the frustration of an earlier conversation with my son and trying to establish some sense from a million other mothers that l am not as crazy or demented as l appeared when l finally walked away from an open ended discussion which eventually made me feel like a cat that had been cornered, only to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and hoisted off to that dreaded place where they stick things in places they shouldn't go.
 OK so it's a personal view of what my cat must have felt, as l reassuringly snuggled her into my arms and she spitefully hissed and dug her claws through what l thought was enough padding to ward off any future scarring.
Teenagers are little people who suddenly spring into egocentric, self centred, food eating monsters who of course know absolutely everything, and a simple request inevitably turns into a one to one confrontation that can render you into a wild eyed, fist clenching monster to whom your son responds to with a lift of an eyebrow. Which loosely translates  into  bulls eye, got you hook line and sinker look.
I personally have always prided myself in the years gone by, to be a person to which very little can ruffle my feathers. l can safely say now that my record is completely tarnished, never to be redeemed.
It seems the only conclusion to late night surfing and  devouring pages and pages of wisdom, is that tomorrow will be another battle and all l have to do is ride the storm and pick up those socks which mysteriously never make it to the laundry. You never know, l might even get one of those sneaky hugs whilst l am cooking his favourite dinner and no one is around to be witness.
As for the cat, it long abandoned ship and was last seen scooting through my neighbours front door, no doubt to live a life that it deemed it was accustomed to.


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